아바야 복지 재단
Abhaya Sozialhilfe Verein

When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.

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The word Abhaya means in Pali to give life, freedom, free from fear, unshakable.
Abhaya Welfare Foundation is a non-governmental organization which is dedicated relieve poverty educate poor students by providing scholarships and educational aids to poor students. It was started in 2002.


Abhaya Welfare Foundation

Registration number :KO/KADO/SASE/107/06
Registration date       :2006/05/30
Registration office      :Kaduwela Divisional Secretariatin Sri Lanka.
Office address             :No.722/130/1, Abhayapura,Aturugiriya, Sri Lanka.

Our Vision

Our Mission


Rev Beragama Piyarathana Thero (LLB/Attorney at Law/ MA)


Dr. Polgaswatte Paramananda Thero
Deputy Editor
Sinhala Dictionary Compilation Institute,
Colombo-07, Sri Lanka.


Mr. W. S. Ranathunga

Our services(我们的服务)

Set up scholarships for poor children under the poverty line and give education materials for their education


Building Preschools, Schools, Vocational Training Centers, and Educational Institutes and Help Monks receive Buddhist Education


Distribute nutritious food to patients and pregnant mothers and also held food donation programs


Provide free psychological counseling and care services to rebuild physical and mental health


Build houses for the poor people and provide necessary services


Build Hospice wards and hospitals Provide free medicine to those in need and the poor

         建立临终关怀病房和医院 为有需要的人和穷人提供免费药品

Provide relief services in times of Landslides, Floods, Fire, Earthquakes Tsunamis or any other natural and man made disasters


Renovating and Restoring Monasteries and helping in missionary work


What we do

At present, the gap between the rich and the poor in Sri Lanka is widening. Among many goals of the foundation is to help more needy students. Our plan is to provide Sri Lankan Rs. 1,000 per month to this group of poor students. The monthly scholarship donation amount is approximately $ 7 (US dollars).

We also wish to donate school supplies such as school bags, books and shoes. We have two basic guidelines for helping: (1) must be students; (2) parents are unable to continue to provide children with education.

We also have another project: helping poor pregnant women, providing nutritious food and supplements to mothers during pregnancy and childbirth. This donation package costs $7500 Sri Lankan rupees ($45 USD). This donation package includes multiple items to care for and help children and mothers.

Our biggest dream

We also hope to help patients who cannot afford necessary medicines and to distribute wheelchairs and crutches to people with disabilities, as well as reading glasses, myopia glasses and so on.

Beyond building houses for the poor, Abhaya’s founder has a dream to build a cancer ward and also wants to donate dialysis machines for kidney patients. Beyond that, we would like to provide water purification units for remote areas.

Please help us and continue to provide kind services. If you want to donate, please contact us. Please indicate the donated items and items on the list. Cash donations are very convenient, if you are a foreigner you can send money from abroad by transfer. Gifts-in-kind can also be donated such as: wheelchairs, glasses, school bags, shoes, exercise books, books, clothes, etc. We will publish photos about the distribution of charitable itemsto the people immediately after the distribution.



我們也希望得到捐贈的學習用品:如書包、書籍和鞋子。 我們有兩個基本準則來幫助他們:(1)必須是學生; (2)父母無法繼續為孩子提供教育。

我們還有一個專案:幫助貧困孕婦,為孕產婦提供營養食品和補品。 此捐贈套餐需要斯里蘭卡盧比 7500 块或 45 美元。 該捐贈包包括多種用於照顧和幫助兒童和母親的物品。我們也希望能幫助那些買不起某種藥物的患者。我們也希望為殘障人士分發輪椅和拐杖,以及老花鏡、近視眼鏡等。


請幫助我們並繼續提供友好的服務。 如果您想捐贈,請與我們聯繫。請在清单上注明所捐贈的项目和物品。 現金捐贈非常方便,如果您是外國人,您可以通過轉賬從國外匯款。 也可以捐贈實物,如:輪椅、眼鏡、書包、鞋子、練習本、書籍、衣服等。 我們將在分發後立即向人們發佈有關分發慈善物品的照片。

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